Tuesday, March 6

Chapter Thirty-four

The rest of the tour went as planned, the band playing to sold out arenas and stadiums in every city they hit. Jon expanded the set lists, each show running at least three hours. He was driven and passionate on stage, and quiet and withdrawn off stage.

When the others had asked about Jordan, he had told them simply that her tenure with them had ended and that she had to get back to her regular job.

He found it challenging to mourn the loss of their relationship. When he was at home with his family it was easier—thank God. Being with his family, his kids especially, gave him a refuge from his pain.

He’d done his best to hide his turmoil from his wife but she had definitely noticed a change in him since they’d returned from Europe. He’d been so energetic, excited and happy but now was looking harried and stressed. She observed him more than once looking sadly off into the distance and he was spending more time than usual in the gym.

“I think it’s time for this tour to be over,” she told him.

He’d been sleeping restlessly and more than once when she’d reached for him in bed he’d been unable to rise to the occasion. Then when he did, he felt a quiet desperation in his lovemaking—as he tried to drive Jordan from his mind. Then when it was over, the guilt would overwhelm him; guilt for what he’d done, for what he was missing, and for how badly he wanted it back.

On the road, he had been drowning his sorrows on a nightly basis. He’d drink until he virtually passed out, because then he didn’t have to see her face in his mind or miss her body wrapped around his as he fell asleep.

“So are you going to tell me what happened?” Richie had asked one night, after everyone else had retired and he and Jon were finishing the last open bottle of wine still left on the table.

Jon sighed, shrugging. “She decided she wanted more than I could give her.”

Richie nodded. “So that’s it? It’s just over, that easily?
Jon laughed wryly. “I wouldn’t call it easy. I suppose I should be grateful that she had the strength to end it.” He lifted the glass to his mouth. “I don’t think it was any easier on her than it was on me though.”

“I’m sorry buddy,” Richie said. Truth be told, he felt it was in Jon’s best interest, but he had never seen his friend in such pain, either, and it saddened him. First it was him, now Jon. Welcome to the rock star world. “Well if you need anything I’m here.”

Jon nodded. “I know. I guess I should say thanks for not saying you told me so.”

Richie laughed quietly. “Well to be honest this is not something I expected. Not like this, anyway.” He took a drink from his own glass. He realized he felt bad for Jordan as well. “So have you talked to her?”

Jon shook his head. “Nope. Didn’t really seem to be any point.” He finished what was left in his glass and reached to open another bottle.

Once the tour was over, he and his family had escaped to the Hamptons for a vacation, his wife insisting he not conduct any business whatsoever for at least two weeks. It helped a little, and when he returned to real life he was feeling somewhat more himself. Until, that is, he opened his e-mail to find the completed biography project waiting for him in his inbox.

“Here it is,” the note read. “I hope it’s everything you wanted and more. Thank you for the opportunity. It is a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life. I hope the rest of the tour went as well as it seemed to be going. My best to everyone. I hope you’re doing well. Thanks again. Jordan.”

He felt the ache return as he looked through the pictures she’d sent. Because she had been behind the lens most of the time, she was in very few of the photos, but on occasion someone else had grabbed the camera, and he was happy to see she’d included those pictures as well. But seeing her face, her smile…it took him back to all of it—from the moment he’d seen her on the plane to that first dinner, to her standing at his hotel room door, to the first time he’d felt her and she’d cried out his name.

…to their rendezvous in Denver…
to the way he felt when he found her waiting for him backstage in L.A…
…to their sexy tryst in Las Vegas…
…to her birthday surprise…
…to the hours they spent laughing together…
…to the rush they’d gotten from keeping their secret…
…to his confession backstage during the encore in Amsterdam…
…to her own admission in Italy…

He blinked back his tears as he reached for his phone, hitting a speed dial number. When Richie answered, he said simply, “I don’t know about you but I need to get back to work.”

He spent the next month alone in the studio for twelve hours or more a day, his songwriting providing a venue for him to work through his emotions. Then he’d flown to L.A. and he and Richie had dived back into the studio with a vengeance.

It was well after midnight one night as they both sat with guitars, making some tweaks on a song Jon had brought with him. It was brilliant, Richie thought; a heartbreaking confessional somewhat reminiscent of one Jon had written years earlier that turned out to be one of their biggest hits.

If I could be anyone

Could I be your only one?
If I could be anything
Could I be the secret you keep
Breath that you breathe
Your dreams while you sleep?
If you could read my mind
Then you'd know I crossed that line
I'd make you my Valentine
I can't let you go but I know
That this ring is there to remind

Jon sang the song with emotion and conviction and Richie could feel the heartbreak almost as much as if he were the one living through it.

So let's re-enact that scene

From what's-his-name's one act play
I'll be your hero
And you'll be the one who got away
If there was no tomorrow
There was no yesterdays
The stolen moments we've borrowed
We wouldn't let slip away

For the next few months, the men traveled between the east and west coasts, and when they were finished they had more than 30 songs. They gathered the rest of the band at the New Jersey studios to begin the recording process that would eventually become their next album. Jon was moving on with his life and looking forward to the day when an hour could pass without Jordan crossing his mind.

Two thousand miles away, Morgan Scott answered her phone to find Tina on the other end, calling from the hospital. “You probably want to get down here.”

Tina hung up with Morgan and paged through her phone book until she came to Jon’s number, trying to decide if she should listen to the voice inside her or respect her best friend’s wishes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Richie was in the lobby of the Austin Hilton, waiting for the car that was supposed to be arriving for him. He had come to town as part of a pre-tour promotional leg. He and Jon had split up appearances—Jon doing most of the east coast stops, Richie taking those in the west. He loved Austin though, and planned on sneaking into a few places along Sixth Street that night.

The album had been released two months earlier, debuting in the top ten, and the first single, Let Me Be Your Hero, was easing its way up the charts. It was neither a ballad nor a hard-driving rock song, with more of a Tom Waits kind of sound, and was in heavy rotation on both the pop and adult acoustic alternative stations.

He and Jon had fought the record label about what should be the first single released from the album, both standing firm to take this risk rather than sticking the formula that had worked so well for them for in the past, and it had worked. It was a song they were both passionate about and he was sorry his friend wasn’t with him in such a singer-songwriter town, where they could perhaps jump on stage and surprise an unsuspecting audience with an impromptu live version.

It had been almost two years since the last tour ended and he was itching to get back on the road. He was excited about the new album and feeling good about life in general. He had recovered from his divorce and was currently dating the beautiful owner of a hip bistro in L.A. who wanted nothing to do with the limelight.

He looked over at the man standing next to him, who also appeared to be waiting for something or someone. He smiled. “Waiting for a car too?”

The man laughed, shaking his head. “No, my wife.”

Richie laughed. “Women,” he answered. “So are you in town on business?”

The man shook his head. “No, actually. Here to visit family. We just got married last month and needed to come down and smooth some ruffled feathers, since it was a small wedding. My mom was itching to throw us a party at least.”

Richie grinned. “Well congratulations then.”

The man returned the smile. “Thanks.”

“Shit,” Richie said. “I wonder where the hell my car is.” He walked to the concierge desk and after a little investigation, discovered they had their times mixed up but the car would be arriving shortly.

He turned to see a woman joining the man he’d been speaking to. She was trying to keep hold of a spirited child who had taken an interest in the fountain in the middle of the lobby. He smiled, thinking of when his own daughter was that age.

“So I take it this is the new bride?” Richie asked, walking up. He was stunned when she turned to him. It couldn’t be… but it was. She was smiling broadly and looked pretty much the same as the last time he’d seen her.

“Jordan,” he exclaimed. “Wow, what a surprise.”

Jordan felt the wind rush out of her when she saw him. “Richie. Oh, my god. Hi.”

He leaned in and kissed her cheek. “You look great.” She looked radiant and as beautiful as ever.

Jordan felt her heart pounding. “Thanks,” she managed.

Rob laughed. “So you two know each other?”

“Yeah,” Richie answered. He couldn’t tell if Rob just didn’t know who he was or if he wasn’t aware that Jordan had worked with them. He decided he should play it safe for her sake. “We have a mutual friend.”

“We do,” Jordan answered, hoping her voice didn’t convey the trembling she was feeling inside. “Richie, this is my—my husband, Rob.”

The men nodded at each other, shaking hands.

Richie watched as Jordan finally scooped the little girl up into her arms. “Francesca, honey, please settle down,” she said. She was in no way prepared to deal with this. It was like slow motion then as she watched Richie acknowledge her daughter. Her miracle child…

…who had been conceived against all odds…
…who had survived a reckless first trimester…
…who had shared a womb with a grapefruit-sized fibroid tumor that had threatened not only the pregnancy but her mother’s life…

A little girl who looked so much like her father it still took Jordan’s breath away… and whose crystal blue eyes were now looking into the eyes of his best friend.

Rob’s voice interrupted their thoughts. “Hey man, I think your car’s here.”

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mamybest said...

my oh God jillianne. i am crying yet again! that was the best. i guess we were all right about what was going on. i loved it. bravo!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Please tell me this is not the end!!! Your writing is amazing and I find myself captivated!!!! Thank you!!!

Beth said...

Oh Wow Jillianne. Can't stop crying!! What an awesome story. Love how you gave us all kinda what we were thinking. Great Job!!!!


Anonymous said...

omg! my heart is aching... i am hysterical.. that was amazing J.


Anonymous said...

I agree this can't be the end. Jon needs to know about his daughter. Again great writing. Though I'll be totally honest, the last two chapters weren't my favorites. I would have liked to see Jon and Jordan end up together, not Jordan and Rob. It just doesn't flow that well for me. But that's just my opinion. Great work though, and I'd love to read any other works of art written by you. You are extremely talented, and have a passion for writing that is quite breath taking.


Anonymous said...

Jillianne, you are amazing! My heart was breaking along with Jon's. Then to find a beautiful little girl with Jon's eyes. I cried, tears of joy!

Anonymous said...

JILLIANNE!!!! that can't be the end!!!!!! *crying*

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That is not what I was expecting, my mouth literally dropped open! lol I hope you are working on a sequel! lol I think I'll go start reading this one from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Not that I don't like the chapter but please tell me that's not the end!!! It can't be over like that!!! Jon needs to know!!! Please don't end it here!

jbsbabyplease said...

Jillianne, I have been saving my comments till the end. Wow, that was not how I pictured the ending! I have loved the story and even the little details were awsome. Very believable. Being a nurse....I was leaning towards Jordan being sick and noticing the symptoms of pregnancy as well. But ending up with Rob...at least a little time had gone by and then they married. I pictured her dying in Jon's arms on the beach in Italy after he did all he could to help her. I figure if you're gonna make then cry might as well make them sob!!!!
Great job!

Megan said...

Well Jillianne. WOW!!!
What can i say. I too am crying. I don't know what else to say except the fact that it ended so beautifully.
I'm not sure about the Rob thing but hey when you can't have THE MAN a woman has to just settle now doesn't she LOL.
Beautiful, you are a wonderful writer. I have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you a million times over. Not only was it a beautiful, tasteful story / fanfiction about a fantastically beautiful sexy man but it was a great story in general.
An 'A' class job. Sensational effort and a job well done.
Thanks again for so many months or enormous satisfying pleasure.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Amazing...until the final chapter. For me it doesn't fit well that Jordan would end up back with Rob. She was strong enough to cope without Jon after she decided not to tell him so for her to end up back with Rob just doesn't sit well with me I'm afraid. After all the highs and lows of this story the finale has left me feeling a bit , well, empty I guess. I just don't feel any emoion from it. Not quite the climactic ending I was expecting.

Ah well, you won't please us all I guess! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Nice name choice for Jordan's daughter! ;-))

Anonymous said...

When I saw "Finale" at the top, my heart lurched. Like the others, I don't want the story to end. I'm completely addicted, and have read it through so many times, I can see it play out like a movie in my head. Thank you for sharing this story with everyone. I look forward to your next effort.
-- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I hated to see finale at the top but WOW what a finale it was! I have to disagree with the others --I think it was perfect that she ended up with Rob. She went through enough in her life to be a lonely, single mother and she did love Rob at one time. Jordan is not the type to be happy being Jon's mistress. I do hope you will continue their journey some how and hope that Jordan and Jon will meet up again in the future. If not, I (along with everyone else) look forward to some more beautiful writing from you. It is such a needed escape in our crazy, stressed filled days and I really look forward to it!! Great job and now off to Tessland!!

MrsJBJovi said...

OMJ!!! I haven't left a commnt before, because I wanted to see how it ended. But I have to say this is the best story I have EVER read! Congratulations on a job well done! This story had it all, passion, romance, happiness, sadness, the best sex scenes EVER! lol, Jon Bon Jovi and the rest of the band, music, wine, food. I could go on and on, but I won't! I cannot believe how it ended! It's so sad.I just wish she had told Jon! I'm sure he would be there for her! Why the hell did she end up with Rob? After he had hurt her so bad? Do you think Richie will tell Jon? I love the way she named her daughter Francessca, kind of like Francis,eh? You have just got to do second story! Maybe even an encore lol! It can't be left like that! I'm sure I am not the only person who doesn't want this to be the end of Jon and Jords!

Well thank you for sharing this with us, I really hope you enjoyed writing it as much as we enjoyed reading it! All that I can say is, I would love it it you wrote more! lol!

dirtymartiniqueen said...

Oh Jillianne I was as upset as everyone else when I saw Finale but we all knew it had to end. I love that you tied it all up so neatly and that she ended up with Rob. Yes, I said I was happy about her ending up with Rob! She deserves happiness and a normal healthy relationship and Rob will give that to her. Thanks for allowing us to all share in Jordan's journey and I look forward to your next book. Make it soon or I might actually have to "work" while I'm at work instead of reading...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Not only am I not ready to see this end but NOOOO to the Rob ending. I knew it was coming and was hoping against all hope it wouldn't be. I guess it is the hopeless romantic in me, please tell me there will be Part II somewhere down the line.

This makes 3 books in a row that I've cried at the ending... I need a new hobby LOL.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others that it is bittersweet to see "The Layover" come to an end. You did a great job ending it, although none of us wanted to see that happen! As a writer myself, I applaud you for keeping it consistently creative and maintaining the 'cliff hanger' so that we all kept returning to see if a new chapter was up!

I have a suggestion that others may agree with:
Have you considered charging a couple of dollars to read your fiction since you have such a dedicated fan following now? I know I wouldn't hesitate to pay a couple dollars a month to read your work if it means you will keep feeding us Jonny or Richie stories! Then you can quit your day job and dedicate all your time to it!! ;o) Whadya think???

Your Faithful Fan,

Anonymous said...

Sad to see this end. I know, all good things must come to an end though.

I can only hope that the way we were left hanging at the end was for a reason. Maybe Jillianne left it like that so that maybe someday we can have Layover Part II. (hint hint) ;)


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed everything you've written up until the end!
I'm sorry, I feel like I've missed something.
I've sat with baited breath waiting for each chapter to be put up. LOVED it all, even roped my gf into reading it! She loved it too, till, again the last chapter.
It's like starting a chocolate cake, turning around and the rests gone, and your left with the crumbs.
Over coffee we've talked about each little thing you've written, and waiting for Jon to find out, along with us, what was wrong with Jordan.
Please tell us its not the end!

Avid but disappointed reader.

Anonymous said...

I have to say what a great book that was.....except the ending. I am very disappointed in the way this story played out. Since it is a fan fiction novel, I was hoping/expecting it to have the ending MOST of us were wanting. I understand it wasn't "realistic" for Jordan and Jon to be together, but this was, I thought, written for the fans. I don't know about everyone else but I read FICTION to get away from the real world. So with all that said, I'm not sure I would waste my time on another one of your books.

8:38 AM

(comment moved from main page--JAK)

JillianneK said...

As I said, love it or hate it... :-)

Obviously it was impossible to end this story in a way that would satisfy everyone. What was most important to me was that I stay true to my story--and my characters--from the beginning. That said, I also wanted to leave the ending ambiguous enough that the reader could draw his/her (mostly her, I'm guessing!) own conclusions. Will Richie tell Jon or not? Obviously Jordan's secret is no longer just hers (and Tina's, Morgan's and Kevin's).

I realize that some people like more tidy endings, and to you I apologize that this wasn't what you'd hoped for. For me, tidy endings can be boring. And even though this took its formation in the fanfic genre, I have worked hard to provide some element of reality. (Yes, the irony of that is not lost on me!)

That said... I have been holding on to the idea of doing an "epilogue" of sorts that would detail the time in Jordan's life between when she said goodbye to Jon in Chicago and when she sees Richie in Austin. There really was no way to include any of that if I were to have the "reveal" happen the way it did. To be honest, I was a little frustrated at not being able to add a few of those details. And to try to tack it all on at the end, IMO, would take away from the power of the scene.

So perhaps an epilogue IS in order...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jillianne -

Thank you for this great story. My appetite for these characters is not satisfied but I am accepting of the way your story ended, however, I do think we got there in quite a hurry.
It is your great story-telling ability that made me fall in love with these characters and now I want more of them. You went to great lengths to put us in each of the scenes but blindly led us to the last sentence in the final chapter. It almost felt like you were bored with the story and just ended it.
I for one would hole-heartedly like to see the epilogue you mentioned.
Thanks again - Tammy

JillianneK said...

Interesting observation Tammy. I can definitely tell you that it wasn't boredom nor did I feel like I was rushing it. I guess to me I'd finally reached the point I'd been working toward all along and I didn't see stretching it out for the sake of stretching it out, if that makes sense. The last chapter was deliberately shorter than the rest, and was meant to leave the reader a little stunned. However, I think I can see how it might read that way for some, and almost feel like a betrayal of the way the rest of the chapters were constructed.

charlie aka sue said...

On first reading this i was mad that it ended so abruptly, I couldnt believe that that was it, finished and I was mad @ Rob lol.
Anyway I found myself coming back for a second read and I understand a bit better why you finished the way you did, still would of preffered a happily ever after but lets be realistic it wasnt and couldnt happen could it.
Id love to read any snippets you may add about how Jordan ended up with Rob because boy did I not see that one coming, and (hint hint) I`d love to see any future part 2`s in the after affects of richie finding out.
Thankyou so much ofr your time and patience in bringing this to us, im the type of person who doesnt put a book down till ive finished it, so its been frustrating waiting for chapter after chapter, im not going to know what to do with myself now lol.
Once again thankyou for the hard work you put into this and id be really happy to read any new stories you write, richie would be a good main character lol
Little lost now, what am i going to read online.....

Anonymous said...

As they say "All good things must come to an end" but dang it! I have been hooked since chapter 3 and now it is over! Very sad here. I have to agree I was shocked to see Rob, but then again...can we kill him off and have a few more chapters? I read your post info and the words epilog or how ever you spell it could be in the works..so take a few days and then give us more woman! How about a Richie story next? Hum...Hint Hint...you can't just up and leave us after all we have been through!

Once again! Loved it and want more!

Alice Faye

Trish said...

Sorry I am so late with a comment Jilliane...

My first reaction to this chapter was kind of flat. Like someone else posted, it had the appearance of being rushed to me and there were significant gaps...the wonderful logical flow that has characterized the story up to this point seemed to be missing.

Then I read it at least two more times.

It is funny that you mention the possibility of an epilogue, because that was how I ultimately made sense of the ending. The core story of Jon and Jordan ended with the previous chapter for me...chapter thirty-four WAS the epilogue. The good-bye in the hotel room at the Drake was the closing of that particular circle...chapter thirty-four was the tying up of the loose ends as it were...

One of the running themes of the story was Jon's wish to be Jordan's hero...and if you look at it carefully..he was. When he and Jordan first get together, she was at a place in her life where she had come to believe that she would have to settle for less than what she truly wanted out of life...that passion and children were simply not going to happen for her. The affair re-awakened her passion and gave her a miracle child...in a sense, Jon "rescued" her from a life that would have been less than what she really wanted...

You filled in the gaps with what happened to Jon after Chicago very nicely...and I do get a sense of him taking his life back. Unfortunatetly, the same didn't happen with Jordan's story...and I guess what a lot of folks have picked up on is the lack of balance in the final chapter.

The last time we any reference to Rob, Jordan gave every indication that she was not going to let him back into her life in any significant way. We go from that...to her being married to him. A couple of paragraphs just to explain how Rob ended up back in her life would have filled the gap nicely and showed us how Jordan got her life back...the same as Jon.

I think Jordan ending up married to the first great love of her life was wonderful...like the ending of the affair, it seems that things have come full circle in her life...I just feel like there was a little more detail needed to explain how that came about. You made it through thirty-four chapters...and that is the only thing I could ever say by way of constructive criticism...this is one fine piece of writing.

You've left enough open ends so that if you ever do decide to revisit these characters there is somewhere for the story to go...but if you decide not to re-visit them...you have left a valid ending...

Thank you for all the work you have done on this story...thank you for sharing it with us...thank you for respecting your readers enough to give us your best efforts all the way through. To take such pride in your work...especially when you're not getting paid for it...shows your love for your craft. A professor of mine once wrote on the last page of my course portfolio..."you have a lot of power in your words...may your writing always bring you great joy."

That is my wish for you.


Megan said...

Hi Jillianne,

To me personally I'm not fazed by the fact that she didnt end up with Jon. You wrote this story so well that there was always a hint of 'reality' in there so having that in mind the reality is that Jon would never leave Dorothea for anyone. So to have the ending like a Mills and Boon type novel would have just been silly and too predictable.

I think you having her marrying Rob was fantasticly crafty on your part. I have read this book for so long and thought I 'knew' Jordan, and i can assure you I didnt see this coming. But i'm not disappointed either. It made it more real.

Jordan can treasure every special moment she had with Jon everytime she looks into her daughters eyes, without the rest of the world knowing about their affair. because think of it for a second, if everyone knew about Jon and Jordan how heart breaking would it be for his family? Especially his children.
To me it shows that She loved him so much that she put his wife and family before her own happiness.
Although i didnt see this ending coming until it hit me in the face I am glad it ended this way and not the predictable happy ever after with the sexy man. The way EVERY other romance novel does. This wasn't a romance novel, and as fan fiction goes by probably 20 chapters into it i stopped thinking of him as Jon Bon Jovi and as just simply Jon and Jordan.

You did a fabulous job and i for one cant wait to read anything else you write about.
You go girl.
Great Job.

jonluva said...

well I'm not sure if I'm more heartbroken that the story ended sadly... or that the story ended at all lol! I personally LOVED the element of reality in this story. I think that the fact that it seems so real and believable makes it that much easier to fantasize yourself (the fan) in it. that being said, I don't think there was any other way to end it! jon and jordan COULDN'T end up together because that would take away from the rest of the story. I figured that she'd be with someone else, rob did surprise me though! guess that proves that you kept us on our toes till the end! I am glad that jon and jordan didn't end up together... again that makes it a much more realistic and believable story. well done *clapping* I'm going to go sulk now that it's over... but comfort myself with the thought of an epilogue... pllleeeease! you MUST write another story, even if it has nothing to do with JBJ, I'll read!!!

Anonymous said...

I've had a day to digest the end and while I'm sad it's over, it was time. I totally agree with a previous post that Jon was Jordan's hero in so many ways. My only wish is that he knew that he was able to give her what she so desperately wanted. Maybe the epilogue will reveal that, if not I'm going with that thought in my mind as a piece I write myself. While I didn't agree with the Rob choice, it's logical in the scope of the story, allows both Jon and Jordan to carry on.
Ok, enough rambling... great story, can't wait for the Epilogue and I'm so glad you've shared this with us the past few months!

edgebag said...

The Layover has been an incredible ride for me. It has awaken feelings and stirred emotions inside me that I never even knew existed. It is sad that it has ended; alas, all things must at some point. I had said on the message board a couple of months ago that everytime I heard the song "The One That Got Away", I thought of Jon and Jordan. I don't know if that had any bearing on you including it, but thank you for putting it in the story.
Thank you for amazing us, for entertaining us, and for inspiring us.
Your biggest fan,

Anonymous said...

oh my god ! you can't end it there, it has a fantastic begining brilliant middle but no ending!! please please write some more and finish it,i dsont want want a mills and boon ending, but it cant end as oyu have left it!!

Anonymous said...

I loved it. I understand the ending and applaude you for it. I would love an epilogue telling what Jordan went through and how she and Rob got back together. I always thought they would. He was still in love with her. I am also happy that Jon got his life back to normal. Fantastic story. I hope to read more from you.

Anonymous said...

wow babe what a chapter
this cant be the end
a child together and shes married to rob
richie needs to tell
and he needs a good woman too
im free and willing to try lol

keep it up hun you are very talented woman and i hope you will continue to rite even when this is over

Anonymous said...

wow i loved it
it cant end yet
you deff know how to keep us on the edge of our seats
thank you hun
i hope you will continue to write too
richie needs a good woman can i plz be it
im brunette and scottish plzzzz lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, I figured she was probably pregnant when she broke things off with Jon. But I thought for sure Tina would have called Jon from the hospital when the baby was born :(.

Great story! Way to leave us hanging about whether Richie will tell Jon! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sigh, i can't stop coming back to see if there's something new.

Megan said...

LOL so do i. I am checking everyday still!!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOO, i am still checking if there's something new. sigh

Anonymous said...

I'm still checking too!!!

Jen said...

Sigh...am I the only one who is not surprised that she ended up with Rob?

I knew it from the instant Richie set eyes on "the man" next to him...and the way you kept "sneaking" him into the story..

A very melancholy ending, I must say...one that leaves a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat...

Tallistar said...

After 30 years of observing this man's ups and downs and perhaps it is because I am such a huge fan myself, I think you NAILED this. Well done.

Unknown said...

Anyone else hoping more comes from the talented lady?!?