Friday, March 9

The Soundtrack

Below is what I believe to be the complete "soundtrack" to the story. Songs are more or less in order of reference or appearance. A lot of the music is available on I-tunes. Obviously some of the live Bon Jovi tracks are more rare and not available for purchase. An I-mix is available here. It's not everything but a lot of it. Or, open up your I-tunes store and do a search in the I-mix section for "The Layover." It's listed as "The Layover--Soundtrack."

Carnival / Natalie Merchant
Sail Away / David Gray
The Blower’s Daughter / Damien Rice
I’m on Fire / Bruce Springsteen
Let’s Make it Baby/Bon Jovi
Damned /Bon Jovi
Ring of Fire /Johnny Cash
Mustang Sally /Various Artists
The Thrill is Gone /BB King
The House is Rockin’ / Stevie Ray Vaughn
Purple Rain / Etta James
Try a Little Tenderness/ Jon Bon Jovi
Sweet Home Chicago / Assorted artists
One Part Be My Lover /Bonnie Raitt
Bad Medicine (TLFR version) / Bon Jovi
Turn the Page /Bob Seger
All I Wanna Do is You /Bon Jovi
Get Out of Denver /Bob Seger
Wicked Game / Chris Isaak
Please Forgive Me / David Gray
Dirty Little Secret /Bon Jovi
Open All Night /Bon Jovi
The Fire Inside / Bon Jovi
Europa / Santa Esmerelda
You Can Leave Your Hat On / Alto Reed
As Time Goes By /Jimmy Durante
Miracles / Jefferson Starship
Fever / Bon Jovi
Damned/If Loving You is Wrong (live) / Bon Jovi
Wanted Dead or Alive (live) / Bon Jovi
Sade (pt 1) / Enigma
Justify My Love/ Madonna
Tupelo Honey /Van Morrison
Be My Downfall /Del Amitri
Midnight Train to Georgia /Gladys Knight and the Pips
Love Me / Elvis Presley
Look What You’ve Done to Me / Boz Scaggs
Goodbye My Lover /James Blunt
The One that Got Away / Bon Jovi


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the soundtrack Jillian, I have been waiting anxiously for it. Can you tell me what song Jon is thinking about in chapter 32? I can't seem to decipher which one it is. Thanks so much

JillianneK said...

"Let Me Be Your Hero" is a fictional song. The lyrics in Ch. 32 are my pitiful attempt at songwriting. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ok then not only should you PUBLISH your book, you should send this song somewhere to be recorded! I cried over that song and was sooo hoping I could download it!

Megan said...

I'm thinking a deal should be made with Jon. Maybe something like this -- you get to publish your book and he gets to sing your song!!!.
Sounds fair to me, and we all win ....yayayayayaya. --- I am so clever lol

Great work Jillianne. I didnt realise there were so many songs in this story.
Thank youso much.

edgebag said...

I so love that you did this. I've been keeping up with the soundtrack for a long time... thanks for introducing me to some great artists I never even knew existed! I agree with the above post... "Let Me Be Your Hero" SHOULD be recorded... by Bon Jovi, of course!

Jeanine said...

I'm so impressed with this story it is unbelievably good. And you SHOULD publish it, it would also make a wonderful film. I love the soundtrack too, I was turned on to Damien Rice in the movie Closer and that song is great.

Great great great story, I'm going to be sad to see it end. I know it has to end sometime though stories don't go on forever.

Megan said...

Love the idea of it being a film.
How cool would that be Jillianne?????
We know who would play the leading Man, but who would play the role of Jordan?

Jovial Delight said...


LOVE your songwriting - and the way you introduced real Jovi songs throughout the whole story was just amazing.
You are truly talented - hope Jon has been reading and learning for his next hit "Let Me Be Your Hero"!!!!!